KWV takes a Southern African gin to the British

It’s not quite selling snow to Eskimos, but South African liquor giant KWV is attempting something similar as it takes on the British market – the home of gin – with an African boutique gin brand. Cruxland Gin, a product that is infused with signature botanicals including Kalahari N’abbas, was launched this month in the UK and is being sold through major retail chains such as Morrisons, which has 400 outlets nationwide. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a

The ethnic doll going from Nigeria to the world

Entrepreneur Taofick Okoya made headlines when his African dolls outsold the levitra pill legendary Barbie in his native Nigeria. Now he is focused on the rest of the world, not least the huge North American toy market. ‘Strategic Marketing Africa’, the magazine of the African Marketing Confederation (AMC), reports in its latest issue that Okoya began the Queens of Africa doll collection in 2007 after he could not find a black doll for his niece. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a

Coffee shop chain plans African expansion

Vida e Caffè, the South African-owned coffee shop chain, has announced that it is looking to increase its footprint in other parts of Africa and build on the outlets that it already has in Mauritius, Kenya, Ghana and Namibia. To date it has 17 stores in those countries, with four more planned by the end of 2016. Mauritius and Ghana are proving to be the regions with the best growth opportunities and the 100mg tablets of viagra confidence most popular non-SA store is in the Mauritian capital of Port Louis. Outlining the Vida vision for further African expansion, Business Development Manager for International and Corporate, Craig Gravett, says the brand has “noted some significant opportunities with partners in Africa that had originally been based in South Africa”. All rest-of-Africa stores are franchises with a joint venture partner or master franchisee. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
Local consumers are showing an increased preference for rooibos tea over traditional tea (called black tea), according to the recent South African Tea Industry Landscape Report 2016. Ernest du Toit, spokesperson for the Rooibos Council, says although black tea still has a higher overall consumption than rooibos, it is experiencing a steady decline, whereas rooibos is showing growth both locally and globally. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
Ethiopia is on track to become an African industrial powerhouse and, except for Rwanda, is the only country on the continent whose economic growth has been consistently high for more than a decade without relying on a natural resource boom. This is according to a report produced for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. “Between 2004 and 2014, per capita growth in Ethiopia was 8% per year. This was the highest on the continent during this period and mail order viagra china is impressive by any standard,” say the study’s authors, Ha-Joon Chang, Jostein Løhr Hauge and Muhammad Irfan. In an article for ‘The Conversation Africa’ website, they note that growth has been attributed mainly to a construction boom and increased agricultural productivity. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
Demand from Chinese consumers has led to increasing exports of South African wine to that country, with demand rising 30% in 2015 alone, according to figures from the local industry body.<>/b Reuters news agency says China has now become SA’s sixth largest wine export market, driven by increased interest from the country’s growing professional class. Charl Coetzee, Cellar Master for the Babylonstoren winery near Paarl, said in an interview with the news agency that Chinese drinkers tended to prefer red wines, although they would also purchase stronger whites such as certain chardonnays. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
They love their barbecues in the American South, but are they likely to take to meat braaied in the South African tradition? Chesa Nyama, the fast-food franchise that specialises in serving grilled meat that appeals to South African palates, is betting that Americans will like the concept and is now in the process of planning its first US outlet in the southern state of Tennessee. Gold Brands, the SA master franchisee, will own 30% of a US-based holding company set up to market Chesa Nyama in the United States. The remaining 70% will be split between two US investment partners, Red Hornbill and The White Family Partnership. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a

While China tops the list of the world’s shoe exporters, African countries are emerging in the sector as they maximise the potential offered by the growing leather industry and develop the talents of skilled shoemakers. 

According to figures released by the International Trade Centre, Ethiopia is one of the fastest-growing exporters of footwear, with international sales increasing by 289% between 2010 and 2014. “The emerging shoe cluster in the capital, Addis Ababa, seems to have benefited from the availability of raw materials, entrepreneurs’ experience and skills in shoemaking, and their ability and cheapest generic cialis canadian pharmacy willingness to innovate, especially to improve quality,” reports the website ‘African Economic Outlook’. 


Despite formidable competition from top international brands, African fashion designers and retailers are using the limited means at their disposal to grow their brands beyond the continent’s shores. 

In its new Third Quarter 2015 issue, ‘Strategic Marketing Africa’ magazine, the publication of the African Marketing Confederation, notes that the continent’s fast-growing middle-class has encouraged major global fashion brands to steadily pursue a stronger presence in African markets – among them Hugo Boss, Mango and Zegna. These brands have the benefit of heritage, financial muscle, proven supply chain expertise and forceful marketing and public relations machines to drive awareness and push sales. 


Successful global brand management is a balancing act between local level aspirations and international strategic vision.

This is according to Singapore-based brand consultant, author and speaker, Martin Roll. Writing in a recent article for ‘Insead Knowledge’ – the knowledge portal of Insead business school which has campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East – Roll says global brand management has evolved into a complex and ever changing discipline. The key to success is consistency and harmonisation.


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