Foschini Group innovates in e-commerce space

Retail giant The Foschini Group (TFG) is trialling a ground-breaking new delivery service for its products being sold online. Called ‘Deliver 2 Me’, it uses a geolocation tracking system – similar to buy viagra online without prescription that used by smartphone tracking systems or the Uber taxi app – to enable customers to pinpoint exactly where they want their purchases to be delivered. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
Brands are increasingly turning to social media and online ‘brand friends’ to help in the development of new products. The strategy, called co-creation, harnesses the wisdom and innovation of crowds, the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ reports in its August-September 2016 issue. Recently social media fans of a beer brand in Argentina called Quilmes created a plastic cup that fits on top of a beer can and becomes a handy peanut holder. The company was so impressed with this viral fan-created concept that it launched its own limited-edition beer with built-in peanut holder and bag of canadian pharmacy generic levitra look here nuts. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
As the digital world changes the way consumers buy cars, the world’s auto brands are looking for new and innovative ways to engage with likely customers. Hyundai in Britain says that three in five potential buyers are turning to digital research, with many watching ‘car tour’ videos on YouTube as they seek to avoid the high-pressure selling environment in car dealerships. However, most content is highly technical and difficult to assistance uk suppliers generic viagra understand. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a

Facebook seeks more African advertising

Facebook has announced the safety cheap cialis prices opening of its first African office as it seeks to continue growing the social network’s footprint on the continent and take advantage of the advertising and commercial opportunities presented by the ever-increasing number of Africans who are using the network.

The office is located in Johannesburg but will focus on the entire sub-Saharan African region, which a special emphasis on the key markets of Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Facebook says it is enlisting the help of governments, telecom operators, agencies and other stakeholders to help drive the us made viagra effort. 


As companies rush to ramp up their online strategies and increase content marketing, they need to be cautious about creating excessive online ‘clutter’ and irrelevant content, a senior marketer has warned.

Speaking at an international digital conference in November, European Online Director at Coca-Cola, David Martin, said brands should treat their virtual world as they would their physical stores: clean and without clutter. “I think sometimes we need to reflect on the fact that just because it’s a virtual world, doesn’t mean we need to fill it with rubbish,” he is quoted as saying by ‘Marketing Week’ magazine. “By all means find ways of [publishing] relevant content as and expert when customers are looking for it. What they want is easy and simple solutions.”


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