Despite experiencing an African summer Christmas, shoppers in South Africa still seem to prefer decorations in the country’s shopping malls to hark back to a cold and snowy European-style winter wonderland. An article published last week by the international news website, ‘Quartz Africa’, ponders the seasonal disparity between Northern and Southern Hemisphere Christmases and the vexing question for SA mall managers as to what constitutes appropriate festive season decorations – given that most customers would never have experienced snow, never mind sleigh bells and reindeer. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a

Foschini Group innovates in e-commerce space

Retail giant The Foschini Group (TFG) is trialling a ground-breaking new delivery service for its products being sold online. Called ‘Deliver 2 Me’, it uses a geolocation tracking system – similar to that used by smartphone tracking systems or the Uber taxi app – to enable customers to pinpoint exactly where they want their purchases to be delivered. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
In yet another strategy to make the payment process easier for South African retail customers, McDonald’s and social communications app WeChat have joined forces to trial mobile payments at selected restaurant outlets in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Payment is being facilitated by a mobile option called Quick Pay which is claimed to be safe, quick and easy. The system allows customers to generate a WeChat QR code that can then be scanned at point of sale to register a payment. .< href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a

Pick n Pay speeds up service at its tills

Retailer Pick n Pay has confirmed that it is launching a tap-and-go system at its stores in an effort to speed up the discount viagra perscription drug processing of customers and sildenafil citrate reduce queues at till points. The chain is apparently the first major South African retailer to introduce the system, although it is already popular in many other parts of the world. According to ‘Business Day’ newspaper, last year there were three-billion such transactions in Europe alone. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a

South Africa gears up for Black Friday sales

Yes, it’s an American tradition, but Black Friday sales have recently spread across the world, with South Africa being no exception. Last year local retailers participated in large numbers and 2016 seems to be heading for an even greater level of participation as some businesses run week-long sales that began on Monday. Black Friday happens this Friday (25th) and both online and bricks-and-mortar outlets are competing strongly to get shopper attention. Electronics chain Hi-Fi Corporation, for example, says it will be offering ‘up to 80% off’ on selected goods. Similarly, online retailer Takealot is offering discounts of 60-80%. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a

Tough retail environment hits Stuttafords hard

In yet another indication of the changing and highly competitive times in the South African retail sector, the long-established Stuttafords chain has entered business rescue after many years of declining sales and low profitability. Business rescue enables a company to keep trading while a professional business rescue practitioner takes control, together with the board of directors, to provide a fresh perspective and new direction. If this revised strategy fails, the next step is usually liquidation. Stuttafords was founded in 1858 and sells branded clothing, shoes, accessories and cosmetics, mainly in a large-format department store environment. It has 18 outlets in SA, Namibia and purchase zithromax online Botswana. Speaking to ‘The Money Show’ radio programme last night (Monday), Stuttafords CEO Robert Amoils said negative consumer sentiment was driving people away from retail stores and shoppers were tending to buy down rather than go for the higher-priced international brands that Stuttafords offers. He added that the cheapest cialis uk chain’s department stores had tended to be relatively resilient. “But the foot traffic in malls is declining and spend per head has dropped – especially in those malls that are undergoing refurbishment.” In the fashion space, Stuttafords once focused on selling house brands with high margins, but then changed its strategy to selling primarily international brands such as Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger and Pringle of Scotland. Price-wise, these have all suffered as a result of import duties and the devaluation of the rand. Recently the Edcon Group – which includes Edgars, Jet, CNA and Boardmans – narrowly avoided business rescue and was taken over by creditors. Not all South African retailers are enduring tough times, however. Clicks Group, for example, delivered a strong trading performance in the year to August, increasing retail turnover by almost 13%, mainly due to good performance in the health and beauty segments.
South Africa is undergoing a retail evolution where mass-market ‘one size fits all’ strategies are no longer as desirable and approved viagra bigger retail stores are not perceived as being better by consumers. These insights stem from a recent Nielsen Global Retail Growth Strategy Report, which highlights the need for innovative tactics in the retail landscape. Says Nielsen’s Craig Henry: “As lifestyle and consumption habits change, we’re seeing a structural shift with small formats showing big growth. This [is because] the small store has reinvented itself, [but] the hypermarket has remained more or less the same over the last three decades. As a result, small stores are able to meet the current consumer need for a higher level of specialisation and service delivery since an artisanal feel, personal service and individualism are synonymous with this store format.” < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
Like the independent corner store that offered personalised service, informal credit and home delivery, the local pharmacy is on the way out in South Africa and being replaced by hard-nosed retail businesses. Indeed, the entire sector is undergoing a sea change, reports the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ in its October 2016-January 2017 issue. Deregulation in 2003 has progressively seen the growth of corporate-owned pharmacies and the once-traditional ‘corner chemist’ is now struggling to survive. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
In the fiercely competitive world of South African retail, an effective supply chain is imperative. More effective global sourcing, better speed to market, increased onshore manufacturing and cheapest price propecia cheap improved warehousing efficiency are strategies being used by the big retail groups, reports the ‘IMM Journal of Strategic Marketing’ in its October 2016-January 2017 issue. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
Are attractive salespeople more likely to boost sales in the retail environment? While the common belief is that people react more favourably to physically appealing individuals, new research indicates this may not be the case when it comes to shopping. Instead, an attractive salesperson can discourage people from buying a product, and consumers may react more negatively to a good-looking service provider than to an average-looking one. This is because attractive salespeople can cause consumers to have concerns about their ability to make a good impression. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
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