Business Management


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Business Management is a broad discipline that includes Management Areas such as Marketing, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, the 4 general Business Management Pillars and Change Management.  These Management Areas underpin any Business Administration and Management Environment.

This Course will provide a basic understanding of each Management Arena as well as begin to create links between the canadian pharmacy cialis generic subject matter that positively changes the students’ thinking about Business Management. After completing this Course the student will be able to make better Business-related Decisions.

This Course is suitable for individuals already working or entering the business world, employed or business owners and those who are unsure if the world of buy cialis proffessional commerce is something that they would be interested in. The Introduction to Business Management Course is an excellent Beginner Level Course to allow students to enter the business world with confidence.

Course Content and Delivery

This Course consists of various Modules that will be presented by the Facilitator during your workshop. You will receive a Course Pack, which will be your working document for the levitra delivered overnight duration of your workshop. In some cases within the Modules, you will have access to videos and hyperlinks as presented by the Facilitator to assist you with the understanding of the subject matter and curriculum and the enhancing of your knowledge.

In some cases, you will be presented with an Assignment, Case Study or Questionnaire(s) to ensure your competency, which is/(are) all dependent on the level or accreditation of this Course.

Course Modules

Learning Outcomes

Module 1

Business World and Business Management

Module 2

Establishing a Business

Module 3

The Business Environment

Module 4


Module 5


Module 6


Module 7

Controlling the Management Process

Module 8

Financial Management

Module 9


Module 10

Introduction to General Management

Module 11

Marketing Management

Module 12

Human Resources Management

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  • Understand the functional departments of an organisation and how they work together
  • Perform basic management tasks including planning, organising, leading and controlling
  • Evaluate business decisions within contexts
  • Work effectively as part of a team
  • Produce results by understanding the click here viagra super active australia interconnectedness of the business world
  • Understand the financial management function and appreciate the complexities of entrepreneurship
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how Social Media can grow your business.


Although the courses are self paced and can be done over a time period which suits the learner, the course comprises of 12 core modules and so the guided time to complete will be over a period of 12 weeks.

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