Strategic Brand Management


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Brand Management is the process of building, managing and improving a brand and it all begins with a thorough knowledge of what the term “brand” actually means.  It is a long-term and integrative approach that the company adopts in creating, developing and managing its brand.

The STRATEGIC BRAND MANAGEMENT PROCESS adds value to the best discount propecia organisations products and services by creating a unique identity in the market place. This unique identity allows the company to differentiate itself from its competitors, and communicate its message and market position in a consistent, integrated manner.

This course will explore Aaker’s brand identity model in order to assist you to create a unique identity for your brand and successfully position your brand in a relevant, meaningful and differentiated manner.

Brand Architecture and generic viagra for sale the various types of brand architecture will be discussed as well as the creation of the customer brand experience.

Course Content and Delivery

The course is made up of 6 modules that can be completed within a three month period.

There is no time frame however set on this course.

Each module consists of an introduction video and an interactive PDF document with the course notes, assignments and recommended online resources.

 At the end of each module, is an activity and/or assignment that is compulsory and an average of discount levitra online viagra 65% must be achieved in order to be awarded with the certificate of completion.

Course Modules

Learning Outcomes

Module 1

Introduction to branding

Module 2

Brand equity, brand equity management tools and customer-based brand equity

Module 3

Brand identity development and developing creative ideas against the brand platform

Module 4

Brand architecture, dimensions of brand architecture and brand portfolio management

Module 5

Creating the brand experience

Module 6

Managing brands through digital marketing

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  • On successful completion of this module
  • You will be enabled to:
  • Understanding the concept of branding and strategic brand management
  • Knowing why brands really matte
  • Measuring brand equity to guide your brand strategy decisions
  • Identify how branding forms part of the overall business strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture (various types)
  • Using digital marketing to manage your brand in the digital age.


Although the courses are self paced and can be done over a time period which suits the learner, the course comprises of 6 core modules and so the guided time to complete will be over a period of 2 months.

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