Bakwena, the concessionaire for the N1and N4 toll roads, has won an international road safety award for its marketing campaign in conjunction with Wheel Well, a non-profit organisation that aims to reduce child fatalities caused by car accidents. The UK-based Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards are presented to companies or organisations around the lifestyle world in recognition of their contribution to improving road safety. The also recognise marketing achievement and innovation in the field. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
Marketers must re-balance their mobile campaigns to place equal focus on the strategy, media and creative aspects. This is one of the key findings of Global Mobile Trends Report 2016, which was released this week by the international Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and specialist research firm Kantar Millward Brown. To reach its conclusions, the report analyses the past year’s award-winning mobile campaigns, including those from the Cannes Lions awards in France and the buy viagra on line in uk MMA’s own international awards known as the Smarties. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
A controversial billboard campaign by the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) that appeared to promote dog fighting has been honoured at the Assagai Integrated Marketing Awards for its effectiveness in attracting public attention and highlighting the scourge of dog fighting in South Africa. The awards are presented annually by the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa and recognise effectiveness, return on investment, and creativity in the direct marketing sphere. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
How do you grab the public’s attention and, in a simple but graphic way, illustrate the serious consequences of global warming on their everyday lives? A little humour and a lot of innovation can go a long way towards creating a memorable campaign that drives home the point. Offsetters, a Canadian organisation that advises companies and individuals on how to offset carbon emissions, used this approach to good effect a few years ago when it came up with a way to show people in the ocean-side city of Vancouver what their community would look like if global warming goes unchecked and sea levels rise dramatically. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a
Who says print media is dead? Certainly not fast-food giant Burger King, which spent a large but undisclosed portion of its marketing budget recently to take over the front pages of several major newspapers in cities such as New York, Washington, Houston and San Francisco. Consumers in those and other cities woke to find their papers carrying a full page colour wraparound featuring a photo of a king (the Burger King brand mascot), with the slightly suggestive headline: ‘The King’s Got A Whopper…and we’re not talking about burgers’. < href="/index.php/component/content/article?id=145:join-now&catid=97">Read More...a

Given the long hours that people work in South Korea, as well as the lengthy and crowded daily commutes they face in major cities such as Seoul, napping on the train while going to work is commonplace. So too is sometimes missing your rail stop because you're fast asleep.

Bearing these factors in mind, fast-food giant Burger King and a local brand activation company were recently able to come up with an innovative marketing promotion that boosted morning sales at participating stores by nearly 19% and, at the same time, provided a useful service to tired rail commuters who travel for an average of two hours every day in Seoul, a city of around 10-million people.


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