Fundamentals of Marketing


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Marketing is the heartbeat of any enterprise. It transcends the vital task of getting customers through your business doors. Marketing also encompasses a variety of other elements within an organisation as well, such as creating a need for your Products or Services and ensuring that this need is effectively met; that the way in which the organisation promotes the Product or Service is optimal; that the Price and Place at which the Product or Service can be obtained is perfect and even that the communications around the Product or Service and the packaging thereof makes it more desirable to the cheap viagra 100mg specific market that the business targets. 

Sounds complicated?  It does not have to be…. It is true that Marketing is both complex and dynamic. It is true that Marketing is both a discipline and an art. With a basic understanding of what Marketing is, what processes and alternative top selling herbal viagra strategies you can employ to streamline your efforts and how Marketing can impact on business and vice versa, you will be well on your way to marketing success.

Course Content and Delivery

The Course consists of 9 Modules that can be completed within a 3-month period. There is no time frame, which might limit the learner, set on this Course. 

Each Module consists of an introduction video and an interactive PDF-document with the course notes, assignments and recommended online resources. At the end of each module is an activity and/or assignment that is compulsory and an average of 60% must be achieved in order to be awarded with the Certificate of Completion.

Course Modules

Learning Outcomes

Module 1

Introduction to Marketing

Module 2

Marketing Planning

Module 3

Consumer Behaviour

Module 4

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Module 5

Market Research

Module 6

The Marketing Mix – Products and Services

Module 7

The Marketing Mix – Price and Distribution

Module 8

The Marketing Mix

Module 9

The Marketing Plan

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  • Have a fundamental knowledge regarding consumer behaviour
  • Know what forces influence consumer behaviour
  • Know how consumers are segmented and targeted
  • Know how Products and Services are crafted to offer an organisation’s competitive advantage
  • Know which Processes and Strategies to employ
  • Know how to optimise communications around product, service, price and place


Although the courses are self paced and can be done over a time period which suits the learner, the course comprises of 9 core modules and so the guided time to complete will be over a period of 3 months.

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