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Career networking tips to be successful

The Power of Networking for Career Success

In the current job market, marked by intense competition, it’s essential to recognise that success is not solely determined by your knowledge and skills but also by the relationships you foster. Networking holds a crucial place in the pursuit of a successful career, bringing forth numerous advantages that can steer your professional path. In this blog, we’ll delve into the vital role of networking, present practical advice on establishing robust professional connections, examine the realm of digital networking, and emphasise the value of nurturing these connections. We’ll also highlight the IMM Institute and the networking opportunities it offers, including its Associates program.

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Cultural sensitivity in marketing

The Growing Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Marketing

In today’;s diverse global marketplace, understanding and respecting different cultures is crucial for marketing success. This blog post will explore why cultural sensitivity matters more than ever in marketing, and discuss the risks of cultural insensitivity as well as showcase some examples of brands that have succeeded or failed in this aspect. It will also provide actionable tips for marketers to incorporate cultural sensitivity into their strategies, highlighting its impact on brand reputation and consumer engagement.

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