Reasons why you should consider a career in marketing

Marketing is a broad and exciting career field that is constantly evolving. Thanks to developments in technology and innovation due to competition in the field, a day in the life of a marketer will always be exciting and challenging. If you are thinking about becoming a marketer or working in the communications field, here are six reasons why you should strongly consider this career.

1. Marketing will always be challenging but in a good way.

If you are the type of person that loves a challenge and enjoys using your creative talents, marketing is the perfect career for you. To be a successful marketer, you need to be creative, solve issues by thinking outside of the box, and view problems from different angles and perspectives. Marketing also requires various creative skills, so if you excel in design, writing, or creative thinking, this career is space for you to thrive and grow.

2. Marketers will always be needed.

The marketing field has always thrived, and this is increasing by the day. Due to much of marketing taking place in online spaces, people with qualifications in marketing communications have been in demand. Opportunities for marketing specialists have also increased as many businesses seek out marketing professionals who are specialists in specific niches.

3. There is space to grow.

Because the marketing field demands marketing professionals with various, specific skills, the marketing field offers careers that are guaranteed to offer growth. Most marketing professionals are given entry-level positions and then advance to become specialists before becoming managers or even directors. There is also space to move across different fields in marketing. For example, marketers that work in print marketing could move on to work in the digital marketing field.

4. You can find an industry or niche in which you are genuinely interested.

All industries require marketing, and this is why marketers will never be constrained to working in one industry or niche. Because of this, marketers can look for positions in industries with which they have a personal connection. For example, if you have a passion for food you could find a position in food or culinary marketing. Or if you have a passion for sports you could find a position in sports marketing.

5. You can have multiple roles in your job.

Many marketing departments are comprised of a team where the members have multiple roles. For example, one team member may be a copywriter but also work in video production. In most cases, many marketing professionals will be marketing communications managers which require knowledge and skills in writing, communicating, marketing analytics, graphic design, and website design. If you were to work for a larger company you might like to be assigned a single role as the teams are generally larger. In this case, the marketing professional would need extensive knowledge of their position and its demands but will still need to have knowledge of other marketing roles as they would need to collaborate with others in the team.

6. You will always meet new people.

If you are a people person, marketing is the career for you. You will be required to collaborate with many people as well as meet new people, like clients, quite often. Marketers also need to have a good understanding of the needs of consumers and how their minds work. The point of marketing is to sell a product, service, or brand to consumers which requires a lot of convincing and coercion.

In Conclusion

The marketing field is broad and offers a wide range of opportunities for every marketing professional. If you want a marketing qualification you should consider the IMM Graduate School. The IMM Graduate School is a leading blended learning institution and the centre of excellence for African marketing, supply chain, and business disciplines.