The Power of Networking in South African Marketing: Why Joining a Professional Network can Boost Your Career and Business Success

We know that networking can be time-consuming, occasionally outright unpleasant, and taxing. But there’s no doubting the influence a strong professional network can have on your ability to succeed in the South African marketing job market. When done correctly, networking can help you find a job more quickly and also possibly provide you with an advantage over other candidates at every step of your career. Here are some reasons why networking is crucial to your professional success and some things you can do to build your networking abilities during the stages of your marketing career.

Networking explained

Networking is about developing long-term connections with the individuals you meet. Most networking for marketing professionals happens at conventions and seminars, but being a great networker doesn’t mean you need to sign up for numerous professional organisations and go to every single networking event. You could network when ordering lunch at a takeaway spot or at a bar. You’ll notice that networking chances are available to you daily, but joining a professional network is the easiest way to network.

The power of networking

  • For your career

Simply said, career development is the ongoing growth of your professional life. It depends on a variety of factors, including the positions you hold, the encounters you have both within and outside of the workplace, the success and progress you have at each phase of your career, the formal and informal education you receive, and the criticism you get along the road.

In a perfect world, businesses would give more importance to employee growth. However, it is your responsibility to take charge of your professional progress. Consequently, networking is crucial for career advancement: You’ll find chances to interact with various mentors and advisors, raise your image with management, advance your knowledge, and strengthen your soft skills.

  • In the workplace

You might think that networking is something you do when you’re not on the job but that isn’t true. Don’t undervalue the significance of networking in the workplace. Networking with colleagues may be quite helpful for your job advancement, if you’re new to the firm and want to learn the ropes or if you’re accomplished and want a promotion. As you make connections with your co-workers, keep an eye out for possible mentors, impending professional growth opportunities, or unlisted job openings.

  • When finding a job

Networking is crucial during the job search process. With the appropriate references, your chances of getting the job improve. Additionally, if you’re wanting to shift careers, your network may assist you by connecting you with people in the field you want to enter or by providing you with referrals for employment at particular businesses. Spend some time developing deep connections with the people in the professional network you have so that when you look for work, you could draw on the invaluable contacts for recommendations, insider knowledge of job openings, and other helpful tips.

Becoming an Associate at the Institute of Marketing Management South Africa

The Institute of Marketing Management South Africa (IMM) is a leading marketing institute in Southern Africa and offers marketing professionals and students a space to network. This is done by becoming an Associate. Being an Associate offers opportunities and tools like being invited to IMM Fridays and conferences, education, being eligible for awards like the Marketing Excellence Awards, and recruitment opportunities from the IMM job market.

The bottom line

Putting effort into your network can never be done too soon or too late. The simplest approach to developing your networking abilities is to test it out for yourself. If you are interested in becoming an Associate at IMM, follow this link.