The top 5 free marketing tools you should use in 2023

You should be aware of some of the tools that can simplify things if you’re a digital marketer wanting to improve your marketing strategy and Return On Investment (ROI). You can implement well-designed plans appropriately with the aid of free marketing tools. These free marketing tools are made to keep things organised and allow you to customise things as needed. Here are the top 5 free marketing tools you should use in 2023:

1. MailChimp

A well-known brand in the field of email marketing is MailChimp. To plan and automate digital marketing campaigns, use MailChimp, a social advertising, and email marketing platform. It is one of the top digital marketing tools for enhancing your campaigns and monitoring traffic volume. Additionally, the platform supports several connectors with various Software as a Service (SaaS) provider. With the help of MailChimp, you can interact with your audience through email campaigns.

MailChimp can help you improve traffic, and boost conversions as well as sales for your online retail and e-commerce company. You can easily reach the right audience at the right time with MailChimp’s pre-built, adaptable email automation. The best thing is that you can satisfy your consumers and keep your business top-of-mind by sending birthday greetings, using welcome automation, and sending order alerts.

2. Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics, a popular digital marketing tool, to guide various marketing choices. You can track both your e-commerce business and the objectives that can assist your business to stay on course. Marketers can easily understand the directions that must be taken with website updates and alterations by using the countless data insights that Google Analytics offers. All you need to do is install Google Analytics on your website. Some of the features of Google Analytics are:

  • You can develop your own metrics, dimensions, and dashboards to quickly access data and information.
  • You will learn more about the performance of the company.
  • You can share insights using a variety of reporting tools.

3. Canva Business

If you work in digital marketing, you’ll appreciate the necessity for a good design tool that can assist you in producing eye-catching social media posts and other marketing materials. With the help of Canva, a well-known design tool, you can create marketing campaigns that are successful using visual content you can use for blogs, websites, social media, and other platforms. One of the foundations of any digital marketing effort is visual material. You must create engaging posts to draw in your target audience.

You can design visual components for your campaigns using its straightforward drag-and-drop interface. The best aspect is that you can develop graphic material for your digital marketing campaign without needing a skilled designer. Anyone, even those with no prior design experience, can use it.

4. Trello

Trello is a good option if you’re hunting for a content management system that can assist you in coming up with and planning content for a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketers worldwide use it as one of the most well-liked content management systems to plan, organise, and produce content for the web.

The platform holds the entire team together, greatly facilitating and managing communication. You can assign several team members to a single card so they can collaborate on a project. You will be aware of who is in charge of creating, writing, editing, publishing, and including call-to-action offers in a post in this way.

5. Slack

You will need a strong medium to effectively communicate with a distinct team of digital marketers. Slack is useful in this situation. Every day, digital marketers use Slack. You can communicate with clients, discuss new articles, projects, and support tickets, exchange helpful content, and send messages using Slack.

Even though it appears to be a communication app, it is much more than that. Slack can help you improve organisational effectiveness. It is not a tool for managing teams or projects but functions as a messaging platform and offers a wide range of settings and choices. It enables you to hold searchable public and private group talks. You can make several groups and alter the interface’s colour design.

The bottom line

You will be able to interpret and use your digital marketing efforts better with the help of these tools. Although some offer free trials, you should know they all have paid versions. But the expense is worthwhile.