TikTok and the Future of Social Media Marketing: How to Stay Ahead in 2023

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Social media marketing will be increasingly crucial as 2023 rolls ahead. It’s obvious that keeping ahead of the curve is important, as evidenced by the increase of micro-influencers and new AI developments. The objective is to avoid falling behind, therefore start using TikTok as a starting point for techniques to keep on top of the competition this year. There is no doubt that TikTok has changed the social media scene. In order to remain competitive, other platforms have been forced to tweak their algorithms and sometimes even steal features from TikTok. Let’s find out how to stay ahead using TikTok.

The success of TikTok

Having over 30 million daily active accounts as of December 2021, the iPhone version of TikTok appears to be the most popular. Despite it having just over 14 million daily active accounts, the Android version is still performing excellently. TikTok is one of the best social media platforms for posting brief video and audio recordings no longer than 2 minutes.

TikTok marketing is advertising your company’s name, product, or services by posting it on TikTok. TikTok marketing can be carried out using the platform’s ad forms, influencer partnerships, and original content creation. On TikTok, influencer marketing is a common strategy because users can easily build a sizable following by producing interesting video content. Your TikTok marketing plan will be successful if you choose the correct influencers to collaborate with.

Understanding your target market is essential for successful TikTok marketing since it will enable you to provide content that appeals to them while also successfully reaching the desired group. By producing content that is consistent with your brand image, you will raise brand recognition. All of these elements need to be taken into account in a TikTok marketing plan that is included in your marketing strategy.

How to stay ahead in 2023

  • Study the competition

To find out what rivals are up to on TikTok and how you might improve, competitor research is essential. You may learn a lot about what appeals to your target market from your competition. Consider their content to determine what they are doing well if you discover that your rivals have active TikTok accounts that are performing well. If the majority of your rivals don’t use TikTok marketing or don’t have any presence at all, take advantage of these shortcomings.

  • Use the trends

TikTok marketing relies heavily on trends and these trends can be used to generate content ideas. To find out which trends are the most popular at the moment you could keep up to date with what the TikTok influencers are doing, do hashtag research, or use the app SocialSprout which is a social media management solution.


  • Make use of TikTok ads

TikTok ads are yet another successful marketing strategy for this site. You can make use of a variety of TikTok ads, such as in-feed ads and brand takeovers. In-feed ads appear in the ‘For You’ feeds of your target audience. Takeovers of brands function somewhat differently. When a person opens TikTok, a full-screen advertisement known as a brand takeover is shown. Ads on TikTok are pricier than those on other social media sites, but considering their reach and level of interaction, they are still valuable.

  • Focus on creating original video content

If you’re not mindful, video content could be readily replicated. These types of videos posted on TikTok are also used for Instagram promotion and possibly also for other channels too. As a result, you might see some similarities between the content you share on Instagram and TikTok. Similar videos should be posted as little as possible. Even if you might wish to distribute content with the same message, employ various strategies and perspectives according to what each site prefers. You can find strategies to market original material and spot duplicate video content by using a content schedule.

Social media marketers should have the correct qualification

To be a successful social media marketer you should have the right qualifications, like a Social Media Marketing short course from the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) South Africa. This online short course includes a detailed introduction to Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. As a marketer, you will need to identify which of these, and others are the most suited to your business.

In conclusion

If used properly, TikTok marketing may be a tremendous tool. TikTok has mounds of potential for significant growth and engagement, which is still relatively untapped. Establishing your target demographic, investigating your competition, and creating a posting schedule are the first steps in starting an effective TikTok marketing campaign.