TikTok offers new marketing tips and advice for brands

TikTok has become the most popular website on the internet, which has made it one of marketers’ main priorities. The platform has recently released a video overview, titled ‘Do You Speak TikTok?’ about which key brand and marketing tactics marketers can utilise on the website and apps. Let’s find out what marketers should be adding to their TikTok content plans.

‘Do You Speak TikTok?’

The video released by TikTok, hosted by train enthusiast and TikTok star Francis Bourgeois, aims to educate brands, influencers, and marketers on how they can maximise their messaging. The main message of the video is what people go to TikTok for, what they’re looking for from brands who have a presence on the app, and how marketers can use this information to their advantage. Francois Bourgeois was chosen to host the video as he is a TikTok success story. The creator has used his platform on TikTok to enjoy and share his passions. Now, Bourgeois has worked on a range of brand campaigns with major brands like Gucci, Spotify, and ASOS.

Four Key Tips

Some of the most important tips for brands looking to use TikTok is to use sounds and music in their videos, create videos that are unique, and use visuals to grab the attention of users. But, the four key tips that Bourgeois offers throughout the ‘Do You Speak TikTok?’ video are:

1. Brands need to let creatives and influencers be themselves.

When brands partner with a creative or influencer they often choose people who match their brand and will be relatable towards their target market. Once the right match has been made, it could be extremely lucrative for the brand and influencer, but only if the influencer is not forced to change. When forming brand partnerships, brands need to give certain information, restrictions, and directions to the influencer so that both parties are happy and can do their jobs. If the influencer is given too much direction or restrictions, they will not be able to be creative and authentic. This would then lead to brand campaigns that feel forced and lifeless, which no audience wants to engage with.

2. Never dictate

This is a follow up point from the first point. Too much direction will limit the content creator and produce content that is of a low value. If brands collaborate with the content creator they would be able to reach a healthy medium for both parties and get the desired results.

3. Utilise their style

The whole point of partnering with an influencer is to tap into their audience. To do so effectively, the brand content should mirror the personality and style of the content creator. For example, if a brand partners with a loud and bubbly content creator but requests serious and muted content to be produced, the content creator’s audience will likely not engage with the content.

4. The content needs to be entertaining

TikTok is a place where many people go to relax, laugh, and be entertained. The main point of the majority of the content on TikTok is to be entertaining, which means that the brand content needs to be entertaining while still being informative and persuasive.

The bottom line

These tips and tricks for marketers may not be new but it are important tips and tricks to use as a basis whenever marketing on TikTok. Marketers should always remember to collaborate and let the content creator use their creativity to produce content. This is the foundation of a good partnership to create the desired results for the brand and content creator.