What makes the IMM’s Short Courses Unique?

The Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) believes that knowledge is power and aims to uplift, grow and promote people in the marketing profession. To do this, the Institute offers a range of online short courses in Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Export Management, Business, Project Management and more. Although many institutions and places of higher education offer short courses, the IMM’s short courses are unique.

What is a short course?

A short course in the case of the IMM is a short, modular-based online course that can be taken by anyone regardless of their age, level of education or work experience. While much of the content of the IMM’s short courses is derived from the foundation of knowledge of the IMM Graduate School, it is unique in that each course has been specifically developed by a subject and industry expert to address the skills gaps in each business area.

While short courses do not grant a student a formal qualification on the Higher Education Qualifications Sub-framework (HEQSF), they are sure to build much needed skills that will enhance their thinking, careers and earning potential.

The range of short courses offered by the IMM

The IMM offers short courses across five different categories, which are:

  • Marketing and Advertising. Short courses offered in this category cover topics like digital marketing, specific laws within the field, social media, and more.
  • Supply Chain and Export Management. Short courses offered in this category cover topics like export trade, risk management, transport, and logistics.
  • Short courses offered in this category cover topics including retail operations, specific laws within the field, and project management fundamentals.
  • Express Courses. Short courses offered in this category cover topics regarding digital marketing, sales, customer retention, and more.
  • General, Personal Development Courses. A short course in this category, for example, is titled, “The Brand of You” and takes roughly 10 weeks to complete.

The short courses offered by the IMM are up to date and relevant

The content and quality of all Institute of Marketing Management short courses and supporting learning material are current, relevant, and in line with progressive business principles and industry requirements.

Because all these courses are online, it is possible to complete them from anywhere and at any time. Students are not fixed to a schedule and are given ample time to complete their short course in their own time to fit their schedule. According to the IMM, students would need roughly 4 to 6 hours a week to complete a short course and do not need a formal qualification to enrol for one. Assessments are practical in nature and are designed to enable students to apply what they have learned.

The IMM also offers two short courses which are internationally accredited, which are the Transport and Logistics courses. These short courses are CILT accredited which means that the student will receive a CILT International Certificate on completion.

In some instances, as with the Applied Digital Marketing Certificate course, students will break away to complete additional skills courses with the likes of Google and other necessary industry bodies and will complete their course with an IMM and Google Certificate.

The Bottom Line


Enrolling for and completing a short course offered by the Institute of Marketing Management ensures that you will have more skills to face workplace challenges, enhance your professional performance, and further your career.

You will also be able to add the short courses you’ve completed to your professional CV or LinkedIn profile which shows potential employers that you are committed to learning and growing in your career.

As an Associate of the IMM you qualify for special discounts on all IMM short courses. Visit our website www.imminstitute.co.za or email membership@imminstitute.co.za for more information.